Nature & landscape

Nature and landscape are very important to me. I allways select holiday destinations with “beautiful scenery” and “beautiful nature”. Where I can indulge my heart with photography.


Tanzania 2006 Mount Meru

From 2004 untill 2014 I visited the Kilimanjaro Area 15 times. Together with Tanzania Workinggroup a complete new IT infrastructure and server environment was established in Same, a large city in Kilimanjaro Area.

Road to Vudee Juu – Kilimanjaro Area – Tanzania 2004

During these visits I also made some time to take nice pictures of the area’s the people and their lifestyle.

Very colourful people – Diocese of Same preschool program RUVU


Crete was 12 years our favourite holiday destiny. Beautifull weather, nice climat and very nice people. Every day I Every day I wandered along the coast in search of beautiful pictures.

Crete – Coast -2006


One of my dreams was to visit Norway’s beautiful environment with Hurtigruten (known as “mail boat”).

“Hurtigruten is a unique combination of passenger, freight and mail transport and therefore more of a voyage of discovery than a cruise. The relatively small ships, the personal atmosphere and the excellent cuisine make this sea trip a wonderful holiday”. And indeed it was a wonderful holiday. Because these boats are relatively small they are able to visit even very small harbours in Norway. The Hurtigruten ships visit 34 harbours between Bergen en Kirkeness.. An ideal trip to see very much of the beautiful nature of Norway.

The largest ship in the background is the Finnmarken. According to me at that time the most beautiful ship of Hurtigruten fleet. We joined Hurtigruten on the Finnmarken between 13 and 22 september 2019.
This picture shows how close Hurtigruten ships reaches the center of any harbour.
photo: Norway – Honningsvag – Hurtigruten 2019
Norway – September 2019 – Hurtigruten
Norway Trollfjord – september 2019 – Hurtigruten
Norway Trollfjord – september 2019 – Hurtigruten